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With a passion for Africa's creative industries, and a proven commitment to developing more sustainable creative eco-systems based on values of integrity and inclusion, Red Flag is the go-to consultancy for Africa's creative sector.


Red Flag Creative Consultancy's two-decade track record of success across Africa is based on proven outcomes that develop brands, events, and creative products, whilst nurturing and sustaining valuable human relationships and connections.



Red Flag is a creative industries consultancy focused on providing strategic solutions for organisations, companies, events, creatives, start-ups, and brands looking to drive growth, develop and improve brand positioning, and create audiences through strategic communications, creative content, and event programming and production. 

Strategic Communications

Connecting across sectors and borders, connecting businesses to clients, brands to audiences, events to guests, and organisations to communities is at the heart of what Red Flag does.  Pan-African communication is successful only with a full understanding of the rich diversity of the continent, and an extensive network to match.


At Red Flag we have been developing this understanding and network for nearly twenty years, enabling us to provide a unique service offering for anyone looking to make their mark on the African continent, particularly within the creative sector.


Our communications consultancy team provides more than simply media or public relations, we develop holistic campaigns based on concepts of collaboration, inclusion, and connecting. At Red Flag we use all available tools, including our extensive networks to conceptualize, and if required, execute, strategic communications campaigns.


Over the years we have worked to successfully grow the profile and attendance of key festivals and events, promote brands and services, ensure participation in on-line campaigns, and showcase organisations and individuals to Pan-African markets.

Creative Content

Before the shift to the online world became a necessity, Red Flag has already been in the forefront of producing creative content; written, video, graphic, and photography. For nearly two decades our team of writers, designers, videographers and photographers have conceptualized and created diverse content for clients across sectors and across Africa.


With a proven track record for dozens of clients and a penchant for bold creativity, we provide a full range of content services including social media graphics and videos, explainer videos, photography, corporate videos, graphic design, article and copy writing.


Our creative content is always backed up with an understanding of the bigger picture and role that content plays within today’s digitally driven world. At Red Flag, we are creatives who live and breathe in the content space.

Event Programming & Production

As the official programming and production supplier to the African Export Import Bank for the Creative Africa Nexus at the recent Intra-African Trade Fair, Red Flag exceeded all expectations in delivering a world-class 7 day programme of panel discussions, entertainment, fashion shows, screenings and more. Featuring an immense array of African and global talent, CANEX at IATF2021 was an astounding success.


From high level conferences and summits such as CANEX, to the full production of virtual webinars and broadcasts, Red Flag has both the technical and production know-how, combined with unparalleled knowledge and access to speakers, experts, and artists from Africa’s creative world.


Our experience in producing events across the African content ensures a vast knowledge of technical production in varying conditions, as well as an understanding of the nuances required to programme effective and powerful events for a diversity of audiences.


Red Flag can provide full technical and venue production services, and top-level conference programming for events focused on the creative sector.


Red Flag can produce 100% virtual events or create broadcasts from on-site or studio locations with ease.  More recently, our team has conceptualized and produced a range of virtual panels, webinars, and masterclasses for clients as they move into the digital space.

Red Flag's Lara Utian-Preston, and our affiliate in Nigeria, Edima Otoukon, have founded this non-profit organisation to promote and develop women working in film, TV, and content production.

Ladima aims to support women in a variety of roles within filmmaking, video production and related content development through a range of projects and interventions.


The Foundation’s flagship project is the Adiaha Award for African Women Documentary Filmmakers presented annually. The Award carries with it a cash prize and similar award categories will be rolled out in the future,


Additionally, Ladima will develop training, networking and related opportunities for women filmmakers who demonstrate their seriousness and commitment to their craft. 

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